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[FT] Ross County 0 - 4 Rangers (Morelos 20, 71; Jack 29, 37)

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7 hours ago, JFK-1 said:

Wonder if Keith Jackson feels like backtracking on his 10 years behind comment from a few years ago.  

Stuff Klaxon - I wonder how Bill Leckie is feeling after his ridiculous article from a few days ago. 


Rangers played some of the best football I have ever seen from us against Porto and Bill Leckie decides after the Motherwell match that Celtic are still miles ahead. Give me a break Bill. 

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11 hours ago, pete said:

I wouldn't have given a penalty for that and I thought Madden was okay. I would have preferred we went for the jugular instead of resting players and bringing on Halliday and Murphy. Every goal could count at the end of the season.

While the penalty was perhaps debatable, he could and should have handed out yellows against those offenders who tried hard to break Aribos ankles and stood on Goldson's foot. 

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12 hours ago, pete said:

I wouldn't have given a penalty for that and I thought Madden was okay. 

There were moans about his performance before kick-off.   Madden could have booked a few more but overall his performance was okay.

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Thoroughly enjoyable viewing last night.


A midfield masterclass from Jack - really pleasing to see him continue to improve his game.  Thoroughly deserved his new contract.


Loved Alfy's petted lip when he was getting subbed.   Exactly what we want to see - a striker who loves playing and scoring.


Pleasing also to see Murphy get 30 minutes.   We miss the clever way he moves and takes up positions to create space.  I'd like to see Murphy and Kent play in the wide forward positions together - what a torrid time they would give defenders.



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Just now, Frankie said:

Not booking Spence before half-time was disgracefully lenient.


Madden has a history of allowing our players to be assaulted but red cards them at the first opportunity. 

When I saw the replay I thought so too but that wasn't my first reaction.   Overall Madden was okay last night, (not based on any previous performances), at least by Scottish football standards. 

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