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Frankly I don't see what difference it will make. Their major problem is a horrific injury list of first choice players which will still exist no matter who is the manager. They're not Rangers, if a first choice is out they don't have anything like equivalent quality waiting to take his place.

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5 hours ago, MacK1950 said:

A bit worrying for Sunday as these events can have players raising their game>

I have my doubts they're capable of raising their game to a point it could make any difference to this side. Surely our game too will be raised with the prospect of our first major silverware in years and from Gerard's perspective his first managerial trophy.  

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3 hours ago, compo said:

Could be a good job for a decent manager 

I suspect they may have made a massive mistake to placate the squeals of an unrealistic fan base. Their fans think that because they have something of a financial advantage they should be sweeping aside most opposition with ease. We and the yahoos have a massive financial advantage eclipsing any relatively small advantage they have over the rest of the league and it's simply not always that easy.

At the end of the day they and all the others are operating in the same league 1/2 freebie market and that's not going to get you any overwhelming advantage. Freebies because no one down there wanted them or were willing to pay what they're asking even though in terms of top level footballing wages what they're asking is relatively a pittance.

With that in mind I think we and the yahoos are currently as far ahead of the rest as we have ever been while the rest are about as evenly matched as they have ever been given they're all basically shopping in the same bargain basement store.

No matter who they bring in that's not going to change so what are they going to do? Sack manager after manager when their unrealistic expectations are never met?

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In reality, who cares what they do?
When Vladimir Romanov voted against Rangers remaining in the SPL the Hearts fans did nothing to dissuade him from doing so.
Never forgive, never forget.
Sunday we do the business and move on towards the first leg of this season's treble.
I repeat, who cares what they do? 

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