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The Winter 2019/20 Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

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9 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

It has already been established earlier on this thread that there's no chance, whatsoever, that we'll sell any of our top players (regardless of the size of the bid).


Gerrard and JFK said so.

You shouldn't believe it because I say it. But when the manager and the chairman both say it then you have to start giving it credibility. And let's just examine the situation. The board have brought in the most high profile manager the club has had in decades. Arguably the most high profile manager we have ever had. A footballing legend known the world over.

What did they bring him in for? The answer is they brought him in to win the league and knock this 10iar nonsense on the head. He then builds a team and maneuvers it into a position where they can do that. Now having done that I have to believe him and his chairman when they both say no key players leaving in January.


Because if key players were sold off in January I feel they could very well have blown this league and not just this one. The next one too. You seriously think Gerrard after having being asked to get us into this position is just going to sit quietly while they snatch it away from him?


For what? Throw it all away for some money that could just as easily be realised in the Summer?

If they were to sell key players now there is no way they could be replaced like for like at a price we would pay. If they could be then those replacements are the ones the EPL clubs would be going for. And If you're not foreseeing the fan meltdown that would incur I really don't know how else to paint it. 

And yes as I have mentioned before whether you think it's dramatic or not the manager too would be melting down if they snatch it all away from him at this crucial time. Yahoos from the mouth of Lennon promising to strengthen and we weaken? 


And there's more at stake for Gerrard than just stopping their run of league wins. If he can pull this off his reputation soars to complement the kudos he has been getting for the Euro results. If they were to sell key players in January they would be looking like the idiots Spiers painted them as for hiring Gerrard.


If you think they are so stupid as to throw away the chance to stop this yahoo run and seriously damage their relationship with the manager we're going to have to agree to disagree. I don't think they're that stupid.

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On 01/01/2020 at 08:05, buster. said:



I think the fact that the Arsenal scouts have attended so many games of our games indicates serious interest in at least one player.


Memo to Arteta: If interested, come back in the summer.


Given recent circumstances at Arsenal and our collective performances in those six games, I wonder if those scouts who attended secretly think they should have tried to appoint SG&Co at the Emirates.



Surely the only Rangers player Arsenal would be looking at at this stage would be Morelos. I find it very hard to believe they’d seriously consider Aribo at this stage in his development.  

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1 hour ago, DMAA said:

Surely the only Rangers player Arsenal would be looking at at this stage would be Morelos. I find it very hard to believe they’d seriously consider Aribo at this stage in his development.  

Maybe they’re looking at Barisic seeing as he’s better than glass ankle Tierney.


i dont think it would be Morelos to be honest Given they have Aubamayang, Lacazette, Martinelli already, but I COULD see it being Jack as a holding midfielder.  He’s better than anything they have in that position.

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9 minutes ago, Dragosani said:

So any rumours of players coming in??

A young striker at Charlton and a West Brom player were mentioned earlier in the thread but little else.


I don't think the first team needs much changing but the bench often seems a bit weak.

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2 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

It wouldn't surprise me if Arsenal are looking at one of our defenders/full backs.  

I was thinking this earlier. Then I also remembered there is a clause in Glass ankle boys contract to void it, if these injuries persist and he is unable to play. Oh dear......

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