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Rangers Colts in Irish League ?

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It's only in recent times (last 40 years or so) that Cliftonville have been seen as a 'Catholic/Nationalist' club. That's partly to do with the changing demographics of that part of Belfast and partly to do with the demise of Belfast Celtic the traditional West Belfast 'Catholic/nationalist supported club. In the early 70s most of the Protestant families in that area were burnt out and Cliftonville cricket club, who played beside the football team, had to abandon their home of over 100 years due to sectarian attacks on players and supporters. The other main Belfast sides couldn't play at Solitude during the 70s and 80s for safety reasons, and Cliftonville lost many of their traditional supporters due to this too. In turn they attracted many 'nationalists' living locally and from other parts of Belfast.


Sport is a helpful way to understand Northern Ireland and Belfast in particular. Football isn't encouraged in the Republican communities, so Cliftonville weren't able to build a big support to rival Linfield and Glentoran. At the same time the rivalry between Glentoran and Linfield, two 'Protestant/unionist' supported clubs, is far more intense and far more visceral than between them and any of the 'Catholic' supported clubs. 

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On 20/11/2019 at 13:41, pete said:


Do you mean the 20th century = 1900-1999?

Or the 19th century 1872-1899?

Sorry, it was the 20th century.   We played Bohemians in Dublin on Boxing Day 1910; we drew 3-3 (Goodwin, Reid, Gibson ).   The next season we returned to Dublin on the 8th of April 1912 and we won 2-0 (Reid, Paterson).   

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