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[FT] Aberdeen 2 - 2 Rangers (Arfield 18; Jack 30)

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3 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

Winning is all that matters tomorrow night.  Aberdeen will be well up for it (as always).  


Our players should be able to withstand the physical nature of Scottish football.  Otherwise we have bought them unwisely. 

I'm not sure of the need to state this, particularly this season.  Our players have been through more than a full round of games and have shown themselves more than capable of withstanding the physicality of other teams.

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The issue here isn't about the team being intimidated in any way by sheep physicality. They wont be and If they were liable to be intimidated they simply wouldn't be in a Gerrard side as he himself was no shrinking violet on a football field. The issue is that they're only flesh and blood and the heroes bones can be broken just as easily as the cowards.

There is no way these sheep can match us in a straight football match since on a technical level we're on another planet from them. So that leaves them with nothing else but physicality and let's face it. What would get the biggest cheer out of these bleating teuchters? A goal or the sight of say Ryan jack being stretchered off?

Every one of their players knows that putting the boot in on Rangers players is what gets you adulation from their bleaters and they will be putting the boot in. And as I said the heroes bones will break just as easily as the cowards and we have a massive game coming up on Sunday. The only surefire way to deal with that is a suit of armour. That's the issue here.

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1 hour ago, JFK-1 said:

McKenna admitting in todays record that they did deliberately target Morelos under orders from McInnes. That's their level. Kick and harry. Then wonder why they get nowhere in Europe.

Bringing the game into disrepute if he did indeed say that.


Perhaps something got mixed up in translation. English is probably not a DR journo’s first language.

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  • Frankie changed the title to [FT] Aberdeen 2 - 2 Rangers (Arfield 18; Jack 30)

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