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[FT] Rangers 0 - 1 Celtic

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Feel as if I was mugged never mind the team.Starters gave their all but felt subs including Defoe offered nothing and I hope Barker is only on loan and therefore like OJO should be sent back at Christmas.

Obviously what Gerrard calls his starting 18 are bereft of decent subs.

Will be there on Thursday hoping we can right the wrong of today.

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11 minutes ago, BEARGER said:

Morelos showed today why we will never get £35M or anything like it for him. He has a lack of finesse, tries to smash the ball past the goalie rather than a wee dink on 2 occasions.

I think the fact that he hasn't scored against Celtic has got to him. If only he could have equalised in injury time I think we would have gone on to win it.

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Gutted by that. I probably feel worse than if we had been whipped 4-0 because it was so close and you felt that today Celtic were there for the taking. These are fine margins but once again we are falling short at a key time while they are digging in and getting results. It's hugely frustrating.


Not made any better by the propaganda from Roddy Forsyth on the radio this afternoon that Rangers can have no complaints - not because Celtic scored a goal with three men offside but because we missed a penalty apparently as if the latter somehow justified the refereeing howler that lead to the former. Sorry Roddy, I used to respect you. You used to give an honest opinion, not just suck up to your paymasters. But clearly not for ages. The BBC own your arse and your opinions and your delight at their goal and Alfie's miss were palpable.


Let me apply some logic Roddy because you are clearly incapable of it. The two incidents are not related. Penalties can get saved and Forster today was just on fire and Alfie's penalty was poor, so I can live with that. What Rangers and every Rangers fan ARE entitled to complain about is piss poor refereeing and assistant refereeing. One Celtic player offside is unfortunate, two is careless but three of the fuckers a yard offside is certainly grounds for complaint. Complaint that we shouldn't have been behind to a goal that ought to have been chalked off. That's fair Roddy. That's reasonable. Go and find your brain because clearly somewhere over the last couple of years it's gone missing.


We deserved a cup today and Celtic didn't. That's the thing that's hardest to take.

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