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[FT] Celtic 1 - 2 Rangers (Kent 36; Katic 56)

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6 hours ago, rbr said:

Our first goal , was as good a team goal as we will score this season , infact every time I watch it , it just gets better and better .

All the way from our own defensive area when it was they who appeared to be on the attack not us.

Jack wins the ball from McGregor in our own defensive area.


Jack to Davis to Kamara to Aribo to Morelos to Barisic to Kent.




And that took less than 30 seconds.

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Who knows how long this may last before being taken down. I'm going to attempt to capture it and keep it on my drive. Also take note of around the 19 second mark. Them 'celebrating' a win against us then take note of the criticism Gerrard and Rangers are getting for the celebrations yesterday.




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Thanks for posting that @JFK-1.  In that game I counted:


14 x 50/50 challenges.  13 of them resulted in a Celtic free kick, with just 1 awarded to us.

6 x clear free kicks to Rangers but not awarded.

7 x bookable offences for Celtic players not given.

1 x clear red card for a last man foul on Morelos not given.

2 x second yellow card offences for Bolingoli, Christie and Frimpong not given.


Is that just honest mistakes?  No chance.


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1 minute ago, rbr said:

Christ , your nearly under ground there Billy , could you actually see anything mate .

It's actually elevated a yard above the ground far better view than at ground level, only drawback is getting the shit knocked out of you by idiots rushing forward thinking they have a divine right to knock you about and climb over the top of you.

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