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The latest Chinese virus

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2 hours ago, ChelseaBoy said:

Yep, just as deaths from covid we are told this morning are contributing just 1% of current deaths.


We even have Oxford University saying that the total number of Covid deaths is likely to be even lower. The ONS count includes any death certificate that mentions Covid, whereas the Oxford analysis suggests that an increasing proportion of these death registrations mention Covid without saying that the disease was a direct or underlying cause of the death. Many will have a mild case or be asymmetric but die of their underlying illness and they are totted up with the rest and the poor families then having to follow the heavy handed funeral restrictions. 


Sure you don't mean "asymptomatic"? Honestly I'm not trying to be a smartarse - my passport photo is asymmetric!

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Maybe the government should just turn around and eff it no more bailouts the furlough scheme ends at midnight no more working from home if people die then so be it this is what the majority seem to want them give them it .

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