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The latest Chinese virus

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7 hours ago, ian1964 said:


It is not just Sturgeon who is implementing tighter tier regimes on the basis that the new mutation is possibly more transmissible.  The same reason is being used by Matt Hancock and Boris to tighten restrictions, for example, in the South East of England. There is still a large amount of uncertainty about what has increased the number of covid cases, it could be down to factors/events other than the increased transmissible of the virus and this is recognised by scientists.  From their genomic sequencing they are aware of certain mutations, one of which concerns the spike protein, that potentially could affect the ease with which the virus is transmitted. Over the next few weeks no doubt further evidence on the nature of the new variant will be discovered and this might show that it is more transmissible or that the increase in cases was just due to random events which provides, as Pennington suggests,  a convenient excuse to rectify the the policy mistake of relaxing the rules at Xmas. 

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Well said Emily Hill. 


"The government must know it has botched its Covid response from the very beginning. What’s happening now is the greatest ass-covering exercise of all time. If people don’t die, the government will claim it’s because it locked us down. If people do die, the government will blame us because we continued to behave like human beings. Either way this is all utter tripe: all deaths are, were and will be due to a virus which has an estimated infection fatality rate of 0.2 per cent (read the WHO’s bulletin from September with your own eyes)". 

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36 minutes ago, compo said:

We dont hear anything about the virus in China these days according to figures they have only had something like 4600 deaths if this figure is true what's going on or is it more Chinese lies 

Either the rest of the world is lying about Covid infections/deaths .... or China is lying ..... or both are lying. This is one of those times when only the fourth alternative seems impossible.

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