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The latest Chinese virus

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On 07/12/2021 at 12:03, alexscottislegend said:

Preferably with gel - there's a lot of surface transmission.

Surface transmission?

Heard a few viral experts say there has been very little evidence of touch transmission since the onset of the pandemic, they described the sanitisation and disinfection of public places and vehicles as Covid Theatre.

I recently asked my occupational health advisor if there was any evidence at all of surface transmission,  they responded  "not that I know of, but best to assume it can happen"


Perhaps you are better informed than me but I classify the concept of surface/touch transmission as an assumption introduced to the public as part of project fear and maintained as a spread prevention measure to bolster public confidence.

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6 minutes ago, forlanssister said:

No f*&king way on earth does anyone at either Police Scotland or the Crown Office have the balls to take on the narcissistic sociopathic dictator, not now not ever.

Private prosecution?

I am sure that crowdfunding would not be a problem.

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