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The latest Chinese virus

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Having visited China, i can say the over population in the cities and hygiene levels when it comes to street markets and food vendors its no wonder most of these viruses (SARs, (bird flu) the earlier Asian flu in the 60s and now Coronovirus emanate from there and its usually the poor, old and young in China who suffer the most as the Govt often cover up the real numbers. 

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I'm beginning to think if this had happened 1918-1920 the outcome might have been the same as the notorious Spanish Flu epidemic. Or is might turn out to be worse given the huge rise in population and urban densities these days. In any case, if we can't contain it until vaccines can be developed and manufactured on an industrial scale then it could overwhelm our health services and our ability to provide care for victims, at which point the death toll could rise dramatically. Happy days. Maybe Greta has a solution to this too.

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