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[FT] Hearts 2 - 1 Rangers (Kent 47)

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I'd like another striker in. Even if these situations are extreme (No Morelos or Stewart), we do need something different.


But, I'm not going to blame that on this performance. We've been awful since the restart, and I think we've been fortunate to not lose more points. 


Aribo was the only player that did well today; and Goldson. The rest were terrible -- even Davis, who's usually so dependable, couldn't even make a simple 5 yard pass.  

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Not good enough.


We got dragged into a physical, hoof ball contest and too many players were off the boil: particularly Kamara and Davis who struggled throughout with Glen costing us a very cheap equaliser.


Very poor from most players with only Goldson, Polster and Aribo getting pass marks from me.


We need more options in attack: relying on Defoe and Morelos is asking too much.

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Worst time to play them, all players back, new guys in there and as usual all well up for it. They were there for the taking at 1-0, but Kamara (as he did in the first half) tried to be too clever and that was that. Afterwards never really in it, as 26th put it, we tried to play their game and lost. After Clancy's show at the Scumhut yesterday, a fine weekend for the Scum.


Wednesday can`come quickly enough.


Only bright spark: Polster looked quite good.

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Terrible performance and was on the cards to be honest. 1 - 11 we have a great team that plays brilliant football. Take 2 or 3 out and we look no better than average. 


Big week coming up as we need to be back on it for Wednesday and then Saturday. Will also see if there any more players going out or if we can bring any in (i doubt if we can to be honest).



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