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Never Been More Proud to be British

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2 hours ago, BlackSocksRedTops said:

Out of step? Are we required to present political preferences prior to buying match tickets now? What the hell is going on here?


FFS. If Carlsberg did hilarious comedy threads...


GK Chesterton once wrote: "To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it."

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18 hours ago, BlackSocksRedTops said:

Have you been drinking buddy? No idea what you're on about tbh

Your'e a strange one. I've never heard anyone making the points you do in the pub before a game, during games or afterwards. 


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18 hours ago, les186 said:

I think it might be more than a few particularly those who thought they should stay in the EU.

Well 1.1m voted for Brexit back in 2016 and 1.2m voted for the SNP in 2019 compared with 1.5m voting for union supporting parties, so i would say that there is little evidence that many people with a background supporting Rangers actually voted SNP, apart from a few malcontents.  

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