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[FT] Kilmarnock 2 - 1 Rangers (Arfield 32)

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Just now, ian1964 said:

Good 1st half there from us, brilliant goal from Arfield, we have good tempo, but yet again the ref is having a nightmare here, taking the easy/cowardly way out by booking Kent for absolutely nothing, this is what we are up against in every game, we have to score clean great goals to win games.

More of the same for the 2nd half is required to win this, we need to score another couple to win this again.

Beaton just booked Kent to make sure the complaint officer couldn't ban him for a month.

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3 minutes ago, ian1964 said:

Won't make much difference tbh, the ref will be quick to even things up and there is no chance any Killie player will be sent off, unless it is too obvious

Not too bothered about getting one sent off.


Would just like us to pass round them, unchallenged, for the whole second half.

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1 minute ago, ranger_syntax said:

Beaton just booked Kent to make sure the complaint officer couldn't ban him for a month.

It's fucking blatant and embarrassing for Scottish football. As I have said before we need to score good clean goals where they can't be chopped off!!

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I'm struggling to understand what the plan is for Morelos and Kent because neither of them has made any contribution so far. But that's about the only negative in a pretty decent first half. 

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Not a bad first half.


We're moving the ball around fairly well but Morelos just seems to be lacking a bit of sharpness and a few other players going for the wrong option too.  It's tough though with Killie packing the final third so to get the goal from an excellent shot was a big boost.


We now need to go on and grab a second to put the game beyond doubt as Killie will keep trying to win set-pieces where their biggest threat usually comes from.  All to play for!

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5 minutes ago, DMAA said:

Hibs are dominating and “Docherty has been outstanding in the opening 45” according to the half time report. It is testament to the shape he has kept himself in that he can waltz into their starting lineup and dominate games for them. 

What does that mean, though? Running about and getting stuck into a tackle now and again? That's not enough for us.


The lineup has him playing Centre-midfield; perhaps a box-to-box role. 


I'd love to see him make the breakthrough with us, but I don't see which position he'd play. 

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9 minutes ago, DMAA said:

That’s both Power and Dicker on yellows. Good news for us because they will both be at risk of a second yellow. 

Against Hibs, that only made the referee giving them even more leeway. Scottish referees are a breed of their own. And you only want them to be impartial.


We are too slow in the build up, even though Killie rarely lose their shape. We can play in front of them all day long. Dangerous on the counter (and linesman looking the other way). Too much passing till we get a shot away, Arfield did the right thing.


Note the commentator say that each time Morelos "fouls" someone, one of the Killie guys tells Beaton about it, nice conditioning. Morelos not yet firing but in a seemingly fiery mood, hope he keeps calm.

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