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[FT] Kilmarnock 2 - 1 Rangers (Arfield 32)

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Shocking all round this.  The reality is we should be winning this 2-1 if it weren't for some completely inept officiating.  These things do not even themselves out over a season.  

Katic though, he always does that, he always comes out to try to win a ball and doesn't manage it. 

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1 minute ago, DMAA said:

Rory Mackenzie should have had 3 or 4 yellows now and he still hasn’t had one. He literally tried to block a throw in with his hands there and nothing. 

As I keep saying, we need to score good clean goals to win any match! there is no way we win any match otherwise!.

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Hope SG looks at his faults first before blaming the players. The ref with his usual game-deciding (impartial) blunder ... but that Plan A has been rotting away for weeks now.


Robbed of the first silverware this season. The second is  fast slipping away. Who knows what awaits in the cup ...

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The officiating is absolutely fucking brutal in Scotland.  

if it’s a free kick against Morelos where he scores then it’s a penalty a couple minutes before for the push on him.


Absolutely fucking horrible officiating.  I’m not convinced it’s incompetence either.

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We've seen this movie too often at Rugby Park. We were not strong enough in that second half and Kilmarnock always looked likely to score. Their second goal was very weak defending from Katic and Goldson.

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