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Gerrard should go now

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I think it's just when you have such a bad run of form in such a short period the criticism is more intense.


Unfortunately, Celtic are doing so well we simply can't afford to drop any points and that's incredibly difficult to do (especially when the officials are so poor in one direction).

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23 minutes ago, cooponthewing said:

Interesting tweet I just found?


Those are amazing numbers. They tell me we're severely restricted to only one way of playing and we're lost when a single piece of the jigsaw is missing. Surely a team like Rangers that aspires to win titles should be able to compensate better than that. There has to be more tactical flexibility to accommodate different players with different attributes.

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5 hours ago, Frankie said:

1.  The manager simply has to be more flexible/adaptable in his selections and systems: relying on the 4-3-2-1 isn't working.

On tight grounds where it's hard to create space with intricate passing you have to wonder if 2 up front is worth a go and a slightly more direct style. I know it's horribly out of fashion but 4-4-2 has some strengths. Without Barisic in particular we lack threat on the left when Halliday steps in. In a 4-4-2 the need for a marauding full back isn't the same if you have a winger who can do it. At Killie we could have had,


Tav  Goldson  Katic  Halliday

Kent  Jack    Aribo/Hagi  Jones

    Morelos   Kamberi


Kent could be twice the player he is now if he was allowed to just focus on running onto through balls played in between the centre back and the full back and then cutting it back or chipping it to the back post. Just now he is playing as a playmaker at times which he is terrible at, and his shooting is awful more often than not. If he hugged the touchline on the right I think he could give a left back a horrendous time. If the left back stayed narrow (which they want to do when sitting in) he wouldn't be able to stop Kent running straight down the line and getting in behind. The left back would be pulled out wide which would open up a gap between him and the centre back which is exactly what you want.


I'm not saying the above would be a recipe for success in every game because the 4-3-2-1 has served us well but you'd have to think we are surely looking at alternatives now, especially when big players are missing.

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