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Gerrard should go now

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It wont even have crossed the mind of the board to remove Gerrard nor mine for that matter. It's not a consideration on any level. Even if it were is it understood how much that would cost?


Gerrard is contracted till 31st May 2024 and is on a reported £2 million a year. Pay 8 million to terminate his contract then what? We were laughed at for hiring him but firing him at this stage would be an even bigger joke. 

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43 minutes ago, JohnMc said:

If we have another trophy-less season then for me this does become a discussion we should have. I remain bewildered that Ojo and Barker remain at the club and Jamie Murphy is sent out on loan, or that Jordan Jones, a player who must be comfortable on the Rugby Park surface can't even get on as a sub. Gerrard has given us some great moments and, until January, was on a steady upward trajectory, however since the Celtic match we've been abject and the management team need scrutinised for that. What's really concerning is we seem to have made the same 'mistake' two seasons running, we head off on a winter break and come back like a different side. The energy and fluidity has gone, our shape disappears, our midfield can no longer control a match and most damning of all we've no heart or fight, the opposition know they can hurt us if they hang in long enough. We don't seem to be learning from our mistakes and that's poor management. A concern about Gerrard is his ability to manage players that aren't top professionals, that aren't brilliant trainers or laser focussed. This is the Scottish league, not the Champion's League, the manager needs to be able to get the most from his players, he needs to be able to get performances from 'average pros' too. 


I'm not yet ready to throw in the towel for this season, it's going to be hard but there will be twists and turns to come. But Gerrard shouldn't be beyond questioning or criticising, but for now he needs our support and should get it.  

Perhaps Gerrard could do worse than bring in some experienced help? To his management team, that is. 



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30 minutes ago, Bluedell said:

I'd stayed away from social media for the past 12 hours due to the expected levels of hysteria and panty wetting that happens after a bad result.


I didn't expect to find it on here. It's fucking ridiculous!


Look at where we were before Gerrard came in and look at it now. Look at the players he's brought in. Look at the development we've seen from other players.


How much in a worse place would we be without Gerrard? There's no way that the team would be anywhere near to where we are now. 


To throw the toys out of the pram after a few bad results is frankly pathetic.

This is perhaps the only post that was needed in response to the spineless OP.

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Too many forget we couldn’t even finish second under MW and Pedro.


Gerard has improved us. His problem at the moment is he didn’t have a good recruitment last summer and we’re now paying the price for that. Too many jersey-fillers arrived.

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Utterly preposterous to suggest that Gerrard should go.


Constructive criticism of his management may well be valid, but the inescapable fact is that he needs better players to deliver instant success. Don’t forget that the attacking element of the team is young with Morelos, Kent, Aribo and Hagi all being no older than 23. All of these players are very good players with tremendous potential, but none are the finished article and will be subject to inconsistent performances when searching for their best form.


As frustrating as this is for fans to watch, especially when they collectively don’t hit the heights, it is something that we are going to have to reluctantly accept for the time being.

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