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The Great Salmond Sex Scandal

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34 minutes ago, RANGERRAB said:

Sturgeon and her so-called husband must surely know the game is up.Their evidence & versions of events is dubious at best.

But no one in the SNP dare confront them

Actually, I think the only place any challenge will come from is within the SNP where factionalism has been growing for a while now. It certainly won't come from a dependent media and the electorate seems comatose. My hunch (which may not be worth much) is that Sturgeon must already be calculating when to get out and I believe it will be in the aftermath of a Holyrood election victory. Largely because now that Brexit is done, much of the energy driving the nationalist bandwagon has been removed and to try to keep the separatist kettle boiling will risk her entire legacy. It may well be that her standing down will be a condition of keeping Salmond's lawyers at bay

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Popcorn time !! 🙂


Alex Salmond has launched an extraordinary personal attack on Nicola Sturgeon, calling her testimony to the inquiry into sexual assault claims made against him “simply untrue”


In his submission to the inquiry, the former first minister said Ms Sturgeon misled parliament and broken the ministerial code which, if he is proven to be correct, would almost certainly spell the end of her political career.

Mr Salmond said the breaches included a failure to inform the civil service in good time of her meetings with him, and allowing the Scottish government to contest a civil court case against him despite having had legal advice that it was likely to collapse.


The allegations against Ms Sturgeon, who replaced Mr Salmond as first minister and leader of the SNP after the 2014 independence referendum, show how far relations have soured between the two most influential figures in the SNP have become.


The ministerial code says that any meetings about government business should be recorded and that ministers must ensure the government complies with the law. A minister found to have knowingly misled Holyrood “will be expected to offer their resignation”.

Ms Sturgeon “entirely rejected Mr Salmond’s claims that she has broken the ministerial code. “We should always remember that the roots of this issue lie in complaints made by women about Alex Salmond’s behaviour whilst he was first minister, aspects of which he has conceded,” a spokesman for the first minister said.


“It is not surprising therefore that he continues to try to divert focus from that by seeking to malign the reputation of the first minister and by spinning false conspiracy theories. The first minister is concentrating on fighting the pandemic, stands by what she has said, and will address these matters in full when she appears at committee in the coming weeks.”

Ms Sturgeon has repeatedly dismissed any notion of a conspiracy against Mr Salmond.

In January 2019, the Scottish government admitted in the Court of Session that its investigation of Mr Salmond had been unlawful, unfair and tainted by apparent bias. Mr Salmond was awarded £512,000 in costs.

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