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The Great Salmond Sex Scandal

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2 hours ago, forlanssister said:

They still on the go?


Like playing Russian Roulette, "ah f*&k it's the orange een!" 😀

Chuck the orange ones my way. It’s the coffee ones I hate. 

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Interesting timing from salmond in that he said it wasn’t the time after his acquittal given the pandemic, to send this letter just as the third wave is biting hard.  

The media seem to be licking their lips.  Some old scores are in line to settled.  

Makes a change from the rona or Brexit anyway. 

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1 hour ago, ranger_syntax said:

It doesn't matter what happens to him.


He is finished.


Heid wobbler on the other hand ...

If she falls, he will be king maker and with his endorsement the whole thing will go on and on. 

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