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[FT] Rangers 1 - 3 Bayer Leverkusen (Edmundson 75)

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9 hours ago, MacK1950 said:

Just think, if we managed to do the miracle and get through, the extra millions that would be coming our way?

imaging the absurdity if we win it and have qualified for the europa league and the cl in the same week. do we get to choose?


we should not be made to do this and qualify. which do we prioritise? it's putting us in an impossible situation. 

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I haven't given up all hope yet. I did at the time but that was an effect of the disappointment of the night. It's a tall order, 3 goals without reply but we live in hope. And even if it doesn't pan out it was a good run.

Pre season I remember people having little to no hope that we could even reach the groups again. Not only reached them but exceeded the heights of the previous season. And stayed in longer than them. A good run no matter what happens now.

All things being taken into consideration next campaign I would have been looking to qualify again as an expectation this time rather than just the hope of previous seasons. But the pandemic situation muddies the waters. For that reason i'm not so expectant as I might have been.

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Our European adventures have been brilliant, beating quality teams, this team is a class above though so I don't think any Rangers fans believe we can go through, however you never know? ?

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While the Bundesliga finished last weekend, with the Cup Final between Leverkusen and Bayern to come, 4 weeks before the return leg, out club doctor tells us what we are currently allowed to do. Being miles behind in terms of fitness, sharpness, playing practise is quite an understatement ...





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Current squad (excluding youngsters):


GK - McGregor, Firth


DF - Tavernier, Edmundson, Helander, Goldson, Barisic, Katic*, Patterson


MF - Hagi, Jack, Davis, Kent, Kamara**, Arfield, Barker


AT - Defoe, Aribo, Morelos, Jones, Stewart




* injured

** suspended


It will be live on DAZN.

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