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All Rangers domestic fixtures likely to be postponed from this Monday

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16 minutes ago, Walterbear said:

Coefficient points are awarded for games played already. I don’t see how they can or should be ‘unawarded’. 

Leagues are to be determined by games played in the future and won or lost when the season fixtures are complete. The only way celtic could be awarded the league is if they have already secured it which they haven’t and if exceptional rules are agreed by participants.  

If celtic were awarded it whilst not mathematically secured what happens with teams packed together in the relegation zone? You couldn’t just relegate the team at the bottom when the music stopped playing.

A football season is something with a beginning, middle and end over 9 odd months. Some teams do better at the beginning some in the middle and some at the end and must be given a chance to complete fixtures and amass as many points as possible. We could win our game in hand and beat celtic twice with 4 points remaining difference between the teams and 6 games unaccounted for in that calculation. 

If it can’t be completed with no clear winner obvious it must get binned. Sporting integrity and all that. 

My fear is that they will ultimately scrap the whole season.  

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