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SPFL Season declaration challenged legally (ongoing discussion)

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17 hours ago, MacK1950 said:

He obviously wants title awarded and league not to be null & void but hides behind the smokescreen of not saying awarded.

He would never use the word 'awarded',anyway, because the correct word would be 'gifted'.

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"During such a difficult period, we also extend our thoughts to all other football clubs (EXCEPT RANGERS WHO WE TRIED AND FAILED TO KILL) who are affected by these events and facing such uncertainty. We realise the hugely damaging effect these circumstances will have on clubs of all sizes across Scotland, Europe and beyond“


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In the event of an incompleted season, it looks as if they will be handed the title.

If this course of action is connected to ensuring payouts from sponsers etc. then it´s probable.


The issue switches to does this gifted title count as 9IAR ?....and the obvious answer is that it can´t.


This is what will have to be strongly pushed at all levels that the club and the support can.



The title that never was


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As I remarked before, the German icehockey league season was supended and declared over in the week the title play-offs were to start, both to determine the champions and who gets relegated. After 52 completed league games.


There was no champions declared and the European places were handed to the teams according to their position after 52 games. That said, Europe in icehocky does not hold the  same worth as in football. Likewise, there is no relegation to decide this season, so that is no issue either,


If there will be no relegation after 75 % of the season, nor promotion - as clubs will sure sue the SPFL if that is decided - there is no reason to declare someone champions (just for the sake of it)  either. If they want to pay any money this season, they should put it into one pot and hand it out to all clubs of the SPFL to survive the virus crisis. I would assume the latter would be something well in line with the Yahoos' attempt of well-being for the Scottish game and sporting integrity and RC beliefs ...

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