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SPFL Season declaration challenged legally (ongoing discussion)

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18 minutes ago, Franc Ergs said:

Hearing strong rumours that the league will end with the current standings.

Wouldn't surprise me, although I suspect clubs being relegated will be readying their legal response.

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I had formed the opinion that Pederastyfootballclub actually fancied its chances at Ibrox on Sunday: our lads were off form -had been for some time- and would be coming off a taxing 90mins against a classy German outfit. I assumed that its support would be of the same view.

Hence, I thought, ScotGov's decision to restrict large assemblies only from Monday onwards. Nicola, I reasoned, knows her demographic, and will appease it.


Then, the Football Authorities elected to act properly in the circumstances, and kiboshed not only the Rangers' game, but every other match in every part of the sport over which it exercised control, and this indefinitely. By its standards (using the term loosely) rasellik has been notably quiet.


You may call me cynical, or paranoiac, although maybe I am just a victim of experience, but I worry, now, that the Authorities' decision was made with the full agreement of The Pederasts, and that there is what we might call a quid pro quo, lurking in the background, unwritten, unspoken,  but a done deal, which will award them the League Championship for 2019/20.

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Sidenote: the German icehockey league, the DEL, decided that after 54 (sic!) league games, a week before the title and relegation play-offs were due to start, the season will be shut down. The top sides enter certain European competitions, there will be no champions. Have to check how they deal with relegation stuff, but it might be that there is none anyway.

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