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SPFL Season declaration challenged legally (ongoing discussion)

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10 minutes ago, CammyF said:

Well that was worth waiting for. Had all weekend to draft a statement and that's what they've came up with! 


Be interesting to hear if any other statement forthcoming from anyone after today's meeting? 

Containing statement.


Gives the CEO time to start looking for a new job.

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Best afternoon of Lockdown by the considerable girth of the Fat Lawyer !!


Bit like being 0-2 up at Parkheid at HT.

Happy days but not quite certain of how it will end.




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10 minutes ago, CammyF said:

Either that, they sh@t themselves when they read PTFC statement? 

Same thing really.


Times like this almost make you want to be on twitter 😀


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SPFL chief Murdoch MacLennan is set to order a probe into Dundee’s mystery email.

SunSport understands the league chairman has decided they need to investigate the circumstances of how it supposedly went missing during last Friday’s vote.

And that could even involve asking to check Dens Park secretary Eric Drysdale’s email account to provide time stamps.

The issue of what happened as the Tayside club tried to cast a decisive no ballot has become central to the fallout from the contentious vote to bring the current season to an end.

Dundee secretary Drysdale claimed in a WhatsApp group with Partick Thistle and Inverness representatives that he’d pressed send on the correspondence at 4.48pm - but it didn’t arrive with the league.

Nelms then subsequently emailed to say disregard anything they received and consider his club as having not voted - a position he still maintains today.

MacLennan admitted in a statement on Sunday that Dundee’s slip DID arrive later that evening, but the league dismissed it in accordance with Nelms' instruction.

The events of what happened in between Drysdale sending and it actually landing in the SPFL inbox has caused huge ructions across the game.

Now MacLennan feels he needs to dig deeper into the issue in search of answers.

The SPFL chair on Sunday demanded to see the proof of wrongdoing Rangers have claimed to possess and is now expected to follow that up with a formal letter to interim chairman Douglas Park.


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