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SPFL Season declaration challenged legally (ongoing discussion)

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1 hour ago, Franc Ergs said:

"Despite being electronically submitted, for whatever reason, our vote did not reach the centre" (SPFL.) 


They've been in discussion with them all week ,and there's still no answer as to why the vote didn't reach them.


They also seem unhappy with ICT ,and Partick Th ,even though both clubs have been transparent throughout, can't say the same for Dundee.


Be that as it may, the vote was sent and did reach the SPFL, even via the spam folder et al. It got a time stamp when it was sent in Dundee's account and also when it was received, spam filter or not. Would have to double check where it was mentioned, but by the Articles of Association a letter/mail/you name it counts as delivered when it was sent. There is no reason why Dundee or anyone else should get a re-vote, even if someone wrote that the mail shall not be counted. Going by that logic and common sense and integrity, any other club should afforded the chance to "re-think" ... now that it has become clear that the deadline was no real deadline.


With regards to the latest Dundee statement, it just looks to be a more articulate and longer version than the previous, saying in essence, nothing.

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This just illustrates why the current voting systems needs to be changed now.  I'd imagine many votes in future will see smaller clubs take the same corrupt approach by voting no and then holding others to ransom.  How ridiculous, but of course the early release of the voting position "so far" facilitated this.  The SPFL knew it and are wholly complicit in this bribery scandal.  How can Doncaster and co realistically hold on to their positions now.  If they do, we really need to accept that our country's footballing authorities are not only corrupt, but above the law too.  What then?  We will need to take this to higher authorities but that takes time.  I wonder if there's an opportunity in the current climate to reinvigorate the calls for us to join the premier league or new European league structure somehow.  This corruption just makes me sick.  If our board can reach a satisfactory conclusion I will be in awe, but everything is stacked against us.  I just hope we take every opportunity in the future to withhold funding for these clubs.  With parasites like Nelms in charge they surely deserve to go under.  I hope they do.

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On 14/04/2020 at 17:08, buster. said:

The SPFL will have their own legal opinion and it may well be different to that of Partick Thistle.

However, I think it very difficult for the SPFL to contemplate the courts at this juncture and circumstance.


Damage limitation would almost certainly include a willingness to reconstruct the Leagues so no team is relegated.

In so doing they will limit opposition in terms of numbers.

The individuals may try and weather the storm, push Teflon or Shifty and hope it appeases the rest.

In such a situation, It´d be up to us to go for the throat (whistleblower evidence?) but it´s not good not to have many friends in the media.


Looks pretty much like the above from yesterday.

Waiting on Doncaster resigning before pushed.


What do we do now ?


We´ll have very few allies (clubs) in any battle if reconstruction happens.

We know that we have more enemies than friends in the media.

This is a time when we could do with being on at least talking terms with BBC Scotland. 


I´m not confident that the whistleblower evidence will be enough to bring as many down as we´d like (obviously hope I´m wrong)

Partly because of our lack of media friends.


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Well Rangers, it's time to go to war. Let's see what we've been keeping up our sleeves for the last 2 or 3 days. 


If we do nothing to fight this corrupt vote/resolution/cabal I'll never set foot in Ibrox again. 


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