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SPFL Season declaration challenged legally (ongoing discussion)

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47 minutes ago, CammyF said:

Expect the scum to be named champions tomorrow.  Sick to the pit of my stomach. The SPFL statement is mocking us, Rangers where's your statement? 



too right they will....


You just need to read this to know... ""The resolution also gives authority to the board to make a decision on the remainder of the Ladbrokes Premiership season and the board is committed to consulting with Premiership clubs before any such decision is made." "


Which of ANY of the clubs in the top flight will vote against it, us aside ?


1.  They are all desperate for money so will take whatever they get in the position they are in

2.  Any such vote, I think, requires an 11-1 affirmative vote

3.  Two clubs would have voted against - us and Hearts

4.  Reconstruction to not relegate Hearts has been "put on the table"

5.  Ann Budge is to chair that committee (absolutely screaming of conflict of interest)

6.  Reconstruction.... because Budge will ensure there IS reconstruction which ensures Hearts aren't relegated - and therefore the vote will be 11-1


All with little more desired than to hand Celtic a title.


Scottish football, still hating itself to death - sickened to the point of "almost" wanting to turn my back on it all.  Absolutely appalling, disgusting charade

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23 minutes ago, Uilleam said:

Well, guys, it is clear that the SPFL is calling the Club's position and it is time to get the ya-yas out. 


If Rangers has evidence sufficient to have caused its actions over the holiday weekend, then it will have to pursue an Interdict in court. It will have to do this quickly, ie tomorrow or Friday, this week. I don't even know if this is possible. 


If Park, and the Board,and the Club, were showboating, and acting on a whim, then I am speechless, as the outcome will be worse than that which would result from maintenance of the traditional dignified silence. 




Partick will surely go to court. Reconstruction doesn’t help them. They may be offered a friendly or two of course. 

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28 minutes ago, ranger_syntax said:


If things are ever to be different in future then this needed to happen first.

But this is the future


Fucked over in 2008

Fucked over in 2012

Fucked over in 2020


I see a pattern developing here, how many more times do we sit back and get fucked before we actually do something? 

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3 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

Is the thinking that we have planted the seeds of change (forget this season and look to the future) or that UEFA might step in (immediate overhaul)?

I'm not holding my breath for U.E.F.A. to do anything of interest to us.


I'm quite sure that seeds of change have been planted though.  There are a few clubs that are going to be damaged by this and many others who can now see that they are being lied to.


This is all before we even consider any possible legal action.

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6 minutes ago, craig said:

I  understand out travelling support being loyal and "follow following" but surely the time has truly come to hit them ALL where it hurts, in the pocket.

I think I'll get the quote wrong But it's something like show me two Rangers fans and I'll show you 3 opinions. 


We tried a boycott at Tannidice and many 100s ignored it and turned up. Almost as bad / worse then filling their stadiums. 


I agree with a blanket boycott but unfortunately it'll never happen. If the club refuses to accept tickets then clubs will sell them directly to our fans who'll buy them by the bucket load. 

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4 minutes ago, craig said:

I  understand out travelling support being loyal and "follow following" but surely the time has truly come to hit them ALL where it hurts, in the pocket.

Every time someone mentions not going to away matches that person should let us know if he/she actually does go to them at the moment.


This is before we even get in to the futility of trying to damage other teams by not going.

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The fact that Rangers fans still scramble desperately for Piggery tickets tells you all you need to know about the possibility of boycotts.


Funding a paedo haven should be a criminal act.

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