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SPFL Season declaration challenged legally (ongoing discussion)

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1 hour ago, buster. said:

When Douglas Park had a go at Shifty for the Private Eye article this morning (Daily Record), the SPFL office would have been almost happy,...as it smelt like desperation heading towards a familiar result.


Next time we send out the angry statement, it´ll just be laughed at and mocked by the Scottish game in general.


If this heads where it looks like going, it´s a bad start for Douglas Park and the new PR man.



I feel sorry for the younger generation of supporter who haven´t seen a successful Rangers team and worry about the future.

Not sure if you've been keeping up but Douglas Park is only INTERIM Chairman

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1 hour ago, blueflag said:

Exactly why they are playing the "it didnt arrive card"


They obviously had a good IT cleanse over the weekend before any external people get a sniff. Its very simple to make the email trail of this disappear from both mail servers 

I know you are better versed than me, but I always thought that once there was a digital footprint there is ALWAYS that footprint, even when you delete it from servers.

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1 hour ago, blueflag said:

They will claim the issue was at dundees end and it wasnt sent.. simple.. and they will be able to manipulate to show it didnt arrive. Easy

The Articles don't allow for that I don't think... I thought that the Articles say that it has been "delivered" as soon as it is sent from the originator.

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The Board threw down a challenge.

It is up to the Board to follow that through.

If it was merely grandstanding or posturing, then it deserves all that it gets.


There is one rather important thing to bear in mind, one that I hope The Board took into account before launching its weekend assault; to wit, Scottish football teams, and their supporters, hate Rangers, and they hate Pederasty FC, too.

The difference, in  practice, is that they realise that they may damage Rangers, but that the Molesters remain untouchable, and will remain so, for the forseeable future. 


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Lifted from FF:


SPFL reconstruction: 14 team Premiership would be "insane" claims Ayr United chairman Lachlan Cameron
The straight-talking Ayr owner insists reconstruction should not be about "appeasing" certain clubs.

Ayr United chairman Lachlan Cameron tonight branded the idea of a 14 team Scottish Premiership "insane" as he pledged to vote against any such move.

The Somerset Park chief fired a warning shot as the stage was set for talks on SPFL reconstruction.

It follows Dundee's long-awaited vote earlier today that signalled the early end of the lower league seasons.

Crunch negotiations are now set to take place on the future setup of the game.

But Ayr owner Cameron is furious at the prospect of an expanded Premiership welcoming Inverness, who currently sit second in the Championship, two places above Ayr in fourth.

He told the Ayrshire Post : "I have no interest in suing people or pursuing legal challenges.

"But if that is the proposal put to us, I will find myself having a very real problem.

"You can't tell me that, all of a sudden, a 14 team Premiership is the solution to our game's problems.

"Let's be realistic about this. If we go down this road, we're doing it to appease the likes of Hearts and Partick Thistle.

"And I'm sorry but that's insane.

"If you're going to restructure, do it properly, not because you're worried about the legal challenges flying around.

"Also, why should Inverness be promoted from our league when they are in a play-off place just the same as Dundee and Ayr United?

"I would view that as grossly unfair."

The 42 member clubs are set to chew the fat as Hearts' Ann Budge and Hamilton's Les Gray lead a reconstruction taskforce.

But Ayr chairman Cameron insists his club won't be bullied into backing the much mooted 14 team setup.

He said: "We've done the logical thing by finally passing the SPFL resolution.

"It was pretty ugly and not perfect, and not everyone was going to like it, but it was the best way forward in the circumstances as far as I could tell.

"We're in danger of opening ourselves up to more farce here.

"If I could be convinced that a 14 team Premiership was the way to go, of course I'd support it. But I'm not.

"And by the way, it's not like I'm a huge fan of a 16 team setup either.

"I have long argued for either 18 or 20 but we all know that will never happen.

"What I'm simply saying is you can't force through a 14 team Premiership off the back of all this. It wouldn't be right."

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49 minutes ago, blueflag said:

I think this is the most ive posted on message forums for a while. Stuck working hard at home but cant take my mind off this shit.


Just been thinking, UEFA come out and say you Have to finish your leagues our your no In europe and we do have to miracle find extra time in the calander to fit this in. Dundee will have voted today to voluntary end any hope of them even getting in playoffs, and as we all know reconstruction wont happen. I simply cannot fathom what had changed Dundee mind today? 

Celtic will not risk missing out on europe surley to take the 8.75. I just cant get my head around why they trying rush this though. I mean let's be honest we weren't fucking stopping the 9 anyway 

From UEFAs rule book.

Article 4 Admission criteria and procedure


4.01 To be eligible to participate in the competition, clubs must:
a. have qualified for the competition on sporting merit;

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Brain fried!!.


So! Rangers have requested an independent inquiry! what next? how does this happen? will there be one? if there is one does this not put the hand brake on regards the vote & reconstruction?.

If there is an independent inquiry who will hold it? what do we stand to lose if it doesn't go our way? what if it does go our way?.


Right! I'm off to sit in a dark corner!!?

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