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SPFL Season declaration challenged legally (ongoing discussion)

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12 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

I'm hoping Partick Thistle take out an injunction and a few clubs go to the wall.  

I would much prefer Rangers to take this to court, if clubs go to the wall then tough!!, not one of them gave a fuck when they tried to kill us.

However what Jackson has reported, which is just more bullying, is bollocks, clubs can get loans from the corrupt SPFL, and the amount of money he is quoting is also bollocks! but then he knows that, just more threats, shameless bastards.

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3 hours ago, buster. said:

Thank´s for telling me something we all know ?


ps. Murty was appointed interim first team manager back in the day and ended up in charge of more matches than the manager he took over from.


And he was still Interim Manager.

Saying "Park isn't off to a great start" suggests it is a full time role.  An interim chairman off to a "poor start".  Big deal.  And he wont be the one running the show on this though, as Chairman, he will take ultimate responsibility - so if it goes to hell in a handbasket then he could be asked to step down.... same thing as being interim Chairman effectively :rolleyes:



Thanks Captain obvious for your fine contribution on the "appointment of Murty".  You don't do irony too well do you ?

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3 hours ago, buster. said:

The league was always going to be called, we´ve pretty much known that for ages.


As far as that goes, it´s about discrediting the award so it is generally accepted that Celtic don´t move onto to 9 this season.


We couldn´t get that right either. We had Alastair Johnson come out in the DR article talking about 8 and an half,...two or three weeks after a more subtle drip, drip approach should have been taken using ex-players, friends in the game and pushing it every 2 or 3 days.

lol.  It wouldn't have mattered who said what from a Rangers perspective.  The media are full of Rangers-haters.  It would have been given little thrift by the media.  What friends do we have in the game that would have put their hed above the parapet ?  Which ex-players would be prepared to do so as well ?

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