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Coronavirus and the political situation

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Do you think there are people who actually believe they're not allowed to "venture outside"? There's advice and there's using common sense to apply it but as far as I'm concerned it's still my decision what I do as long as I don't expose anyone else to risk. Anyway, Boris says it's time to get off our arses and put the country back together again, so ... let's go.

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4 hours ago, alexscottislegend said:

They have no right to make our children their guinea pigs

Of course they don’t. Do you think that’s what they’re doing?


What is the value to a child of three months education? Can a period of that length ever be made up?


Pointless debate anyway because teachers aren’t going back ‘til they’ve had their summer holidays. 

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On 13/05/2020 at 16:53, alexscottislegend said:

Erm.. some one anounces they have Covid and coughs/spits on a stranger causing death proves what then?  

It's evidence but not proof.


More evidence might well prove causation.


People doing that need punished regardless.

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18 hours ago, alexscottislegend said:

When the MPs re-assemble in parliament without social distancing, then we will know for sure that it is safe to venture outside.

My sincere recommendation is that you don't leave the house for the next eight years.

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On 13/05/2020 at 16:11, Scott7 said:

It would be interesting to know:


  1. The number of people dead with covid-19 who had a pre-existing condition likely to have caused death in the next twelve months.
  2. The number of people dead as a result of covid-19 and no other condition
  3. The number of people recovered from covid-19 with a pre-existing condition.
  4. The number of people recovered from covid-19 with no other condition.


According to today's Mirror headline 19m people have had the virus and recovered.  According to rough figures, around 40k have died as a result of contracting it.


These figures are obviously far from exact exact but do the sums and you have a 0.0021052632% chance of dying from it.


The hysteria surrounding this whole thing is quite bewildering. 

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