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Coronavirus and the political situation

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12 hours ago, MacK1950 said:

The "blackmail" has started with the promise of free school meals for all primary pupilsIF she,sorry her party,are re-elected.👽


8 hours ago, forlanssister said:

Believe it or not it's a policy stolen from the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.

I think it is a stupid idea.


Who can I vote for to avoid this madness?

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The notion of "free" school meals has behind it one intention only, to increase the role of the state in the lives of people and to promote the illusion of benevolence. This shabby tactic has been a hallmark of the SNP since it slithered on to the stage.


Sooner or later, there's a very painful day of reckoning coming but it won't be for the SNP Gauleiters. It will be for the rest of us. 

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We see similar things said regarding older people dying will lessen the Tory vote but of course, this neglects the simple fact that people become more conservative and less happy about high taxes as they age.


I don't see this being the case with most ScotNats, who have no real interest in economics and are picky about their understanding of history - they're stuck in their single-focus mindset.  So maybe they can celebrate their older compatriots dying, despite it being extremely distasteful. 

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