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Coronavirus and the political situation

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Shadim Hussain: "NHS officials told me Muslim households are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus.

As the crisis develops, it’s likely that trauma will spread through communities whose shared culture is built around precisely the things the government has advised against. 

To those inside Muslim communities like me, this is shocking but not surprising. This needs to be recognised more broadly before it is too late. If Muslims feel let down, excluded or forgotten by the government response, there will be repercussions that last longer than the outbreak.".


Does anyone else read that as, "Treat us as special and if you don't, we'll be angry about it.".

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"The West is so tolerant, passive, accommodating and naive towards Beijing. Westerners... are seduced like an old man in front of a young girl.... Europe shows all its weakness. It does not realize that the Chinese offensive threatens its freedom and values". — Liao Yiwu, Chinese writer exiled in Berlin, Le Point International, April 6, 2019.

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20 hours ago, craig said:

In other words, you conveniently used a prior post to allow you to make a political post.  Go figure :rolleyes:


However, Prince Charles was showing symptoms of the virus and, as such, needed to be tested.  Boris Johnson had symptoms and is also the leader of the country during a crisis - again he had symptoms so should be tested and, given his role to play, it makes absolute sense that he should be prioritized.


I agree with ranger_syntax - trying to make political capital out of this, as your friend Corbyn did in Parliament in his last session as leader of the opposition, is disgraceful.  Whilst the country unifies behind the NHS and the bravery of those trying to save lives... some, such as you and Corbyn, just can't help but use it as an excuse to make political capital out of it.  It is, as ranger_syntax says, disgraceful.

That's his job! He's not supposed to be a cheerleader for the government!

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2 minutes ago, alexscottislegend said:

After I wrote that many folk pointed out that on tv Johnson when explaining his situation did not cough once. Now you go figure.

Every one of them a doctor presumably. Witnessed a lot of Covid19 sufferers have you? Thought not.

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7 minutes ago, Bill said:

Every one of them a doctor presumably. Witnessed a lot of Covid19 sufferers have you? Thought not.

It's well known by now that a persistent dry cough is an early indicator. I doubt you have witnessed many more than I have. Johnson, Hancock and Whitty may be all genuine but you can't help people wondering with a government like this not big on transparency. 

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