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Coronavirus and the political situation

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9 hours ago, Gonzo79 said:

This Ferguson bloke seems to be a total panic merchant, more than anything else.

Academia is crammed full of people who make careers out of being wrong.  Just like the police has been plagued by corrupt officers or education by teachers who can’t teach. Ferguson doesn’t need to panic to get things wrong. Incompetence is endemic, propped up by our many excusers 😏

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The UK is full to the brim with people who are incompetent at their jobs.  


It irks me but at the same time, I see it as an opportunity (for those of us who are competent and actually give a shit about what we do).


The state of Scottish and UK schools suggest things are only going to get worse and in 50-100 years (I'm being optimistic), Britain will be full of useless c*nts.  

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On 24/12/2021 at 19:50, stewarty said:

He has indeed.  We can debate his voracity, and others like him; but I don’t want to go there because it wasn’t my intention specifically. 

Besides, it’s Christmas…


Hope you and yours have a good one! 🌲🎁🍷

Agreed and it is.


Merry Christmas to you and yours and heres to a better 2022, especially a nice pressie of a league and cup double !!!

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Meanwhile, Scottish fans of authoritarianism, who hate drink, football and parties, are rubbing their hands at the prospect of Scottish businesses going to the wall and many Scots spending Hogmanay alone and miserable.


The SNP are like Sinn Fein on prozac.

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