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The Summer 2020 Transfer Window Now Closed: Zungu signs on loan with option to buy

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Google translated the Slovak article on Patrik Hrošovský ... I think it is understandable ...



He dreamed for a long time about moving from Victoria to the world of big football. A year ago, this came true for Patrik Hrošovský when he headed to Genk, Belgium. After a solid opening season, however, sobering came, he didn't jump for a minute in the current year. Recently, there has been talk of his possible move to Sparta or Slavia, but none of these options are on the table. However, another, no less interesting one appeared. According to information from the iSport.cz website, the famous Scottish club Glasgow Rangers is interested in the Slovak representative.

Football is a fickle job, in a second the situation can turn around completely. Patrik Hrošovský, a midfielder, also knows about it. After last year's transfer from Pilsen to Genk, he immediately joined the basic line-up of the ambitious team, last season he managed a total of 27 matches. A solid portion to start with.

In the recently launched year, however, he has not added another start yet. He doesn't have a single minute in his account. He's out of coach Hannes Wolf's plans. And logically, therefore, together with the agents, he began to solve his situation. During August, the media reported that he could head for Sparta. According to information from iSport.cz, this variant was never really on the table, it was not a topic for the Letna club at all.

It is similar in the case of Slavia, which is also discussed in connection with the versatile midfielder. Unlike Sparta, the leadership of the two-time reigning champion did not throw this option off the table, it was a reason for him to think. However, even with regard to the price tag, which is to climb up to four million euros (about 106 million crowns), Hrošovský's move to red and white colors is highly unlikely.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the 28-year-old footballer would not have changed his address during this transfer window. The Scottish giant Glasgow Rangers, led by former genius midfielder Steven Gerrard, has signed up for Hrošovský's service. "The Rangers are very interested in Patrick," confirmed a source from the player's neighborhood.

Here, too, finance is an obstacle. And also the structure of possible cooperation. The Rangers prefer one-year hosting with a subsequent option, while Genk would imagine a hard transfer. And he still insists on the four million euros mentioned, which is too much for the Scots. However, it is possible that the situation will not change in the coming days, and the barrier will be broken.

There is also a variant in the game that the Slovak national team would stay in Genk. The leading Belgian club entered the season poorly, after four rounds it has only five points and is crouching only in tenth place in the league table. The position of the coach is not completely fixed, a possible change could significantly hinder even with Hrošovský's role.

The player himself makes no secret of the fact that he would like to continue abroad. He does not want to return home, ie to Slovakia or the Czech Republic. In any case, his future remains heavily shrouded in uncertainty.


Also seems to be some interest in Rosenborg`s youngster Emanuel Kulego ...




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1 minute ago, The Tin Man said:

Was Roberts any good at them?

 I can genuinely only remember his Van Vossen moment.

His first season was good: 9 goals and 14 assists in 32 League games. 


Don't know what happened after. 

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