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The Summer 2020 Transfer Window Now Closed: Zungu signs on loan with option to buy

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8 hours ago, CammyF said:


This guy doesn’t know anything.  Another one trying to seem ITK on the back of one reputable person tweeting on Monday night that we had shown an interest. 

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11 hours ago, Bill said:

I see Adrian Durham is saying he thinks Wilshere could be heading back to Arsenal. Can't see that myself.

They could do worse - he is still better than either Elneny or Xhaka, both of whom are pish 

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1 hour ago, DMAA said:

I was right to be skeptical, he says there’s been no contact from us. He’s considering La Liga, Serie A etc. 

Might be a "come and get me" plea.  And we dont know if Gerrard is asking the Board to sanction such a move.  I would take him.  Has the potential to be a game changer - other than wages there is little risk to this move - I havent read anywhere that he is a disruption to the dressing room so I dont see that being a major issue either.

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54 minutes ago, DMAA said:

Anyone know if 4th official have a track record of being reliable?

Same as most mate - sometimes right and sometimes wrong.  Reasonably well respected from what I can deduce

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If we're really looking at out of contract free agent players then I'd prefer we signed Mandžukić. He's a type of striker we don't have and his physical style would suit Scottish football, with a couple of Croats here already and our previous success with strong Croatian forwards I think he's be a good fit. He's 34 so I doubt he could play 2 games a week and has probably lost a bit of pace and energy, but as an option for us even from the bench he offers something different that might complement the more technical forwards we currently have. I've not heard him mentioned by anyone and I've no inside knowledge, this is simply a Sunday morning daydream. 


By the way I don't believe there's a 'no-compete' clause in Wilshire's contract, that's an agent trying to explain away why no club in the EPL has snapped him up. 

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