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The Summer 2020 Transfer Window Now Closed: Zungu signs on loan with option to buy

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17 minutes ago, der Berliner said:

Snatched from FF who snatched it from RM




As Stevie_4lads told us, the ITKs have been told to keep information close to themselves, so we have to expect more Bassey moments while the media looks foolish. Though that`s only a side-effect, for it is more important to get our deals done so others don`t sniff about.

That is exciting news. I haven't watched McLean closely but i struggled to get excited about him. He was too good for Aberdeen but never jumped out to me. A quality centre midfielder could make a big difference for us. I don't think we can rely on Davis and Kamara.

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Another snatched bit of rumour from FF, regarding Lewis Ferguson:



I know someone close to him and he’s told that person that as of right now there’s nothing in the Rangers rumours at all - only interest he’s aware of is from a couple of English Championship clubs


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Ha ... Sunday noon link ... household name to ... St. Truiden and Djurgarden





Veel goals bij een Zweedse eersteklasser, keken ze bij STVV alleen naar de statistieken? Dalkurd streek 1,8 miljoen euro voor Ibrahima Buya Turay op, die toen een marktwaarde van minder dan een half miljoen euro telde.


Een aanvaller die weinig aan het spel deelnam, met bepaalde sterallures, wachtend op die kans in de box, dat paste niet in het strijdplan van Marc Brys. Buya Turay vocht niet terug, verdween uit beeld en werd in januari uitgeleend aan Djurgardens.


In de Zweedse Superligen begon zijn doelpuntenmachine weer te draaien. Djurgardens ging echter niet over tot een definitieve transfer.

Buya Turay (25) traint terug bij STVV mee. Een nieuwe trainer – Kevin Muscat voor Milos Kostic – schept nieuwe kansen. Muscat streeft echter naar een ploeg die in blok speelt, in alle linies.

Schotse media melden dat Buya Turay een optie zou zijn voor Rangers FC, waar Steven Gerrard trainer is. De aanvaller uit Sierra Leone ligt nog een jaar onder contract bij de Kanaries. Als STVV nog wat van de investering wil recupereren, moeten ze hopen op een transfer van Buya Turay.

De centrumspits is ook aangeboden in andere competities. Buya Turay zit aan 32 doelpunten en 12 assists in 65 wedstrijden in de Zweedse eerste klasse. Bij STVV mikte hij één keer raak in zes duels.




If that's Belgian to you, it says that according to Scottish media we might be interested in signing 25-year old Mohamed Buya Turay, who was loaned to St. Truiden by Djugarden, is a Sierra Leone - centre forward whose contract in Sweden ends next summer.


TM Profile



TM stats


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Transfermarkt is a nice tool. They keep stats on people, including where they have played most/often/last and you can check that for the entire team.

For us and 19/20, the position-stat would look like this:


In e.g. Jordan Jones´ case it means that his main position is left wing, but he could also play as right winger or attacking midfielder.

You would obviously have to cut out those who will or have already gone (Foderingham, Holt et al), but you can see that some positions are well covered, loaded or otherwise.

Its just to keep people posted about what we have and what we lack.

A Kamberi would sure not come in as a "replacement" of Ojo or Jones, as he is no winger. If anything, he would be cover to one of our quantity-wise weakest positions. The number of strikers we`ll sign will probably also depend on SG`s tactical plans for next season. If he goes 4-3-3 again, we don`t need many strikers, but strikers able to fill that role. I doubt that either Defoe or Kamberi or even Toney are made for a one-striker-role. Put the likes of Defoe and (!) Kamberi as a dual-partnership up front though and they will do damage to Killie and Co.. Quite a few of our recent "failures" would have, but we stuck to 4-3-3 and the "rewards" were there for anyone to see.

At 150k, Kamberi would be a steal. It is up to SG and Co. to decide though.

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A few murmurs that Leicester and some Qatar team are looking at Alfredo, though the former has been toned down to tentative enquiries while the other is deemed highly unlikely as Alfredo has said that he wants to prove himself at a higher level.

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