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A lot of Mr Stanley's comments could be used against the Democrats and politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as well as many pseudo-liberals here in the UK.  Thriving on manufactured chaos, the 'othering' of 'gammons', 'white/male privilege' and 'the patriarchy', as well as describing your political opponents as illegitimate.


Terms like fascist and marxist are thrown around like confetti these days - they've become largely meaningless.

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Statements like term X is thrown around so much it's meaningless is thrown around so much at so many terms/topics that it's entirely meaningless. Especially so when absolutely nothing is proposed to counter the argument being presented.

It's as pointless as saying that paedophile ring is thrown around so much it's meaningless to continue saying it. 

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Well, we all know what they say about imitation.  🙂


Do you think Trump is ushering in an era of fascism, JFK?  I'm not 'sealioning' you here because being honest, I think you're a wee bit unhinged when it comes to all matters Trump.  But do you?

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Well first of all I think you're demonstrating a high degree of unhingement each and any time anyone has anything critical to say about Trump. An unhingement so pronounced it's effectively declaring voicing unfavourable opinions of Trump is unhinged. And that when such opinions are actually the opinion of the majority of the international community at both government and street level.

A clown openly laughed at by an audience of UN representatives for his ludicrous posturing and lies. And labelled a total idiot by leaders of major nations caught expressing that opinion at a NATO summit in London, while unbeknownst to them there was a mic nearby catching their exchange.

Real unhingement lies in proclaiming valid criticism unhinged. In fact stupid beyond words. What are these people who are critical of Trump supposed to do? Never voice their concerns in case some idiot says they're unhinged for doing so? I doubt that's going to stop people voicing their concerns in the run up to an election. And the rational among us are relieved about that.

As for Trump I don't doubt for a moment that if he could declare authoritarian dictatorship for life he would do so in a heartbeat and especially so right now. He would be in dreamland if he could be an American version of his hero Putin. Controlling what the press say and ordering hits on critics.

But i's not looking good for him and he's now running scared. When the shield of that office is removed, when he can no longer fire investigators nor run hindrance on investigations, the shit is really going to hit the fan for him. He's an idiot but still has enough marbles to know that much.

There are going to be jail sentences for their activities. All his current enablers will begin running for cover when that shit hits the fan. Likely to strike deals revealing the depth of the activities to get out of jail time. I presume he knows that too. Maybe some including him will be able to wish Ghislaine Maxwell good luck in person.

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8 minutes ago, JFK-1 said:

What are these people who are critical of Trump supposed to do?

There are plenty of aspects of his shoddy Presidency to criticise, without posting videos of random university professors going on about fascism.  


Trump is an egotistical businessman, who had life handed to him on a silver platter and it shows.  


Biden comes across as a senile old fart and Mrs Clinton was the epitomy of a jumped up charlatan.  Surely in a nation of that size, it can't be that difficult for the Democrats to find someone who can remove Trump?  


Ultimately, the US political system is a joke and the Democrats and Republicans represent nothing much, which is why I'm amused by anyone getting worked up by it.  Political bogeymen are handy if you want someone to blame...

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This is another example of how pointless discussion with you becomes. This is why I maintain you're just talking to be saying something while saying pretty much nothing of any real relevance to the actual point. The point being the extreme unfitness of this man to be heading anything at all far less a nation crucial to global security and stability.

First it's alleged a term is meaningless because it's been used before, a claim which was pointed out to be itself meaningless. That's then ignored with no response to the rebuttal as if it never happened. To move on to more meaningless nonsense about anyone being critical of this orange wacko being unhinged.

Again it was illustrated how meaningless that is too. And again that's entirely glossed over as if it never happened to move on to this further irrelevance about there being countless features of Trump to disparage.

We all know there are countless insane features of Trumps behaviour plus inept and even corrupt governance, many and probably most of them already having been gone over countless times. Yet when one more feature is introduced all you can say is there are countless other things that could be discussed without bringing in this one. That's ludicrous.

I could watch any analyst talk about Trump and know for a fact if someone responded with there are countless other features of Trump you could talk about aside from this one the response to that would be WTF? 

It's like saying he has been governing to benefit himself plus cronies not the nation, but there is no need to bring that into it when there are countless other features. It's pointless, meaningless comment.

A man who has been knee deep in corruption his entire life. With a whole host of Mafia connections, Russian criminals and oligarchs, and even Putin himself in the mix which all makes him so compromised it's unimaginably dangerous.

But you think it's of value to distract from it to ramble on about Biden and Clinton. That's frankly bizarre if it's actually seriously supposed to mean anything worthwhile rather than just another instance of talking while saying nothing of any value just to be contrary.

Forget this utter shite you babble about anyone getting worked up about an incompetent, corrupt, and potentially treasonous nutcase who dog whistles to neo nazi and KKK groups. This is a topic with global repercussions and it's not going to be stopped talking about by anybody because somebody with nothing to say rambles on about getting worked up about it. More meaningless shite.

If you can actually say something say it. My guess is you have no idea what to say that would bring any rational worth. Because when you're trapped in a mindset of talking just to be talking and simply to be contrary you end up in a bubble of stupidity you can't get out of.

Because there are things that you can't simply be contrary about simply to be contrary without looking stupid. And this is one of them. 

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