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Rangers reconstruction proposal

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17 hours ago, Bill said:

Half of Europe has second teams competing in the league structure and all of those countries have a far higher standard of football than we do. That'doesnt mean second teams guarantee a better league system but it does mean it won't do any harm. I think it would be better for Rangers, better for Rangers players and better for Rangers fans. What's not to like?

It's guaranteed to be better for clubs like Rangers in one way.  There is no debate about that.  Rangers will be able to increase the likelihood of players moving from the Rangers youth system and into the first team.


Sadly that doesn't mean that it won't do any harm.  One way that smaller clubs can compete for good players is by offering playing time to young players.  Very few are good enough to break through at bigger clubs so most need to go elsewhere.


By allowing big clubs to play youth teams in the lower leagues we will cut off small clubs access to good players.  Small clubs will not be able to compete at all.  We can already see that our youth team is a match for many teams in the second tier.  What will that be like when players don't need to leave Rangers to go and play somewhere like Inverness?


The game is already structured in a way to favour big clubs.  We earn a higher proportion of prize money.  We have higher gate revenue.  We get more money from televised matches.  We earn income from European competitions.  We can afford to underwrite young players wages while loaning them out to smaller clubs.  We can afford to run a large youth development setup with quality facilities.  We get to bypass the earlier rounds of the League cup.  We get to bypass the earlier rounds of the Scottish cup.  Some of these advantages are unavoidable.  The game wouldn't function if the winners didn't get more prize money for example.  Some other advantages are designed to make the game less competitive.  If we keep stacking up these advantages then Scottish football will be less competitive.  In the long run that it bad for Rangers.  It is also bad for anybody who watches Scottish football.

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