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Diversity and Inclusion Charter

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On 10/07/2020 at 08:44, Bluedell said:

Rangers should have nothing to do with BLM




I wonder if you have considered the feelings of the many black players we have and have had.

And I see nothing wrong whatever with BLM (whoever they are) supporting Palestine; Israel is the most powerful racist state in the world.

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54 minutes ago, compo said:

I am at an age were I just dont understand all this crap so being old does have some advantages o.O

Compo, fear not, nobody understands it, not a soul, not those that are shouting loudest about gender identity rights nor those who oppose the concept. It's completely impossible to comprehend and thus futile for society to attempt to accommodate.

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10 hours ago, Charloch said:

Neither. The Charter promotes an agenda that is destructive of the dignity and rights of women. Rangers have many female supporters. Promoting trans rights means vitiating women’s rights. It’s a zero sum game. If the club wants to position itself in alliance with such a subversive agenda it ought to expect rigourous questioning of the policy. What does the Charter mean for female-only spaces in Ibrox Stadium, for instance? Rangers are throwing female supporters under the bus by endorsing trans rights. Of course, they are not alone in this. 

As far as BLM goes, many Rangers supporters gave their lives to fight the kind of fascism BLM espouses. We are rightly proud of the role our armed forces play in the life of our country, and we celebrate this at Ibrox. You can’t affirm respect for our forces and take the knee for BLM at the same time. It is right to support the Kick it Out campaign. Racism has no part in football. Neither does the kind of Marxist fascism BLM espouse and enforce. 

Being anti-women and pro-fascism wouldn’t be a good look. Many women are waking up to the implications of the trans agenda. For instance, my wife wouldn’t patronise a business that promotes a pro-trans agenda. She isn’t a bigot. She is a woman who understands. It isn’t an abstract theoretical question. Chasing woke points has real-world consequences. 

I'm sorry but that is just patent nonsense. BLM often espouses the words of Black Panther leaders like Fred Hampton and Malcolm X who attacked capitalism and went to great lengths to include whites in their fight. Racism is a tool used to divide people.


But I do sympathise with your doubts about 'trans' people and the effect on female supporters. Identity politics has little to do with real equality and is a middle class fad which detracts from the real struggles of working people.


As for 'marxist fascism' this is an oxymoron. You know nothing about marxism if you can utter that phrase in the same sentence.

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Why don’t we ask female fans how they feel about the toilet issue? Instead of a bunch of dudes dictating who gets to use the loo. (Assuming the posters are male - which I’ll get cancelled for!) 

The whole thing about it being some guy ‘dressed up’ to sneak into female toilets is nonsense. Some length to go to, buy a ticket - go to the game ‘dressed up’ - cant imagine they would be welcome in the stands with some of the comments in the thread never mind make it to the toilets.  Now I get their is a risk of it happening, but there is also a risk when your laddy nips away for a piss. 


The same happened with gay folk back in the day - guys scared they’re gonna get bummed. 

Most bars these days have unisex toilets - and it’s normal in many places across the world. I’m not gonna say I fully understand why some people are trans etc - but I’ve worked with trans people and know some socially and never had any issues with any of them. 

All this kind of chat is why people drag our clubs name into chats about equality and racism - And some fans wonder why. Lets catch up with the times and show that the club actually is for everyone and anyone and not exclusively for people who are white Protestant.  

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51 minutes ago, Gonzo79 said:

I think that's the whole point.


Really? Don’t see that in the OP. I see someone wanting the club to conform to their views. Nothing about taking a survey of female fans and how they feel about it. 

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19 hours ago, Charloch said:

Rangers are throwing female supporters under the bus by endorsing trans rights. Of course, they are not alone in this.

As far as I'm aware there are trans women wanting gender reconstruction as well so does this affect male rights regards toilets?.


There are many people in the world with the anxieties of being locked in the wrong body affecting more than problems just in football grounds so if this topic is to be continued perhaps it can be moved to the lounge and keep this forum for football matters.

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19 hours ago, Charloch said:

... Racism has no part in football. Neither does the kind of Marxist fascism BLM espouse and enforce. 



Everytime I, the "old" East German chap, read this or get it told by "Westerners", I have a wee laugh. People may get taught and told lot a lot about Marxism,  but to weigh in or it up with Fascism is beyond joke. I know what they try to refer to, but in this context, it is the polar opposit. 

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Diversity is NOT the universally good thing portrayed in the modern myth. It tends to destroy social cohesion and is almost always a source of division and conflict. Diversity does not enrich or strengthen human society and, like socialism, is promoted purely as an ideological challenge to the established order. Do not swallow the fiction that diversity is good for you. Inclusion as a concept is simply meaningless tosh, which is probably why it has been selected by the left as a pillar of modernity and political correctness. The reason why @compo has trouble understanding this shite is it's not intended to be understood. It's an assemblage of labels and mantras that cannot be measured, cannot to defined and therefore cannot be challenged. In a nutshell, like most of the socialist agenda, it's total horseshit and Rangers would be best ignoring it and focussing on something worthwhile.

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Wee sidenote from not too long ago: Mark Dingwall wrote about the FF Facebook page:



Today I have banned 18 different usernames from the FF Facebook - all Tims in disguise liking and sharing the same posts - all profiles with pictures nicked from other Facebook profiles. All the posts promoting White Lives Matter, paramilitary, racist and assorted other stuff designed to get interest from the media and get us banned from Facebook.

They were manufacturing their own "evidence".

They hate us more than they love their own club.

This debate-stirring, while from different angle, has the same feeling.

Edited by der Berliner
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