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Rangers or something similar?

Rangers or something similar?  

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  1. 1. Rangers or something similar?

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9 hours ago, alexscottislegend said:

Thanks for doing this. I've had a bee in my bonnet about this for years. We - founded in 1873 - don't need to be indentified by reference to any others, even if we did nick the name from an English rugby team. I'll call them 'Glasgow' when I hear London Arsenal (there's Arsenals in South America I believe) or Edinburgh Hibernian.

Better tell the Board to cancel the 150th celebrations in 2022 then!

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The first book reference Rangers was penned by John Allan.


The title was, 'The story of the Rangers - the first fifty years'.


John Allan was more of a statistician than a historian, He told a tale of derring-do. He did not finish the tome until 1923 and to continue the title he decided Rangers were founded in 1873.


All the annuals of Scottish football tell that Rangers were founded in the first week of February in 1872.


We should recognise that John Allan did not portray a true history of the foundation of our club.

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So good they named them twice. Or something like that. I never use 'Glasgow' when referring to us, we're The Rangers, every other Rangers is defined by their subsequent relationship to us. That said I did enjoy it when UEFA used to call us simply 'Glasgow' during Champion's League draws and matches back in the 90s. It really annoyed some our fellow citizens, that's never a bad thing. 


Speaking of fellow citizens I was raised in the north of the city and knew quite a few Partick Thistle fans growing up. Everyone I knew simply referred to them as 'Thistle', there was no need for 'Partick' to be said, who else could we have been referring too after all. But i've noticed this has changed over the years and now hear many in the media describe them as 'Partick', it's something that sounds so wrong to my ear. 

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On 12/07/2020 at 15:40, Malangsob said:

I think it is Glasgow Rangers as there are 'Rangers' team all over the world.

There's only one Rangers, all the others have to qualify which Rangers they are.   It's not a matter of opinion in any case,  it's a matter of fact.  

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