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Rangers B v Dundee Utd A

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8 minutes ago, Rousseau said:

That team contained a lot of players that should be contributing to the first team, or at least knocking on the door. 


That result's quite disappointing; not good enough. 

If the starting 11 were the finishing 11 then I agree. However, the bench was made up entirely of youth players. 


Twitter didn't confirm any changes, only goals so it's conceivable that these players were taken off at half-time / hour mark. 

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I dont really care about the score at this stage, as it is all about getting gametime into the legs and improving on match sharpness. I care even less as it was a B team as any players worthy of consideration fora  first team slot will surely be in the squad for tonights Motherwell match.


What I am really annoyed about is that we have arranged a bounce game with a club that despises our very existence, that shat on our fans and then lied (ok, I will say allegedly purely for legal purposes) in court about it, and were one of those shouting loudest to get us kicked out in 2012.


We should never forgive and never forget clubs like this. Would we play a friendly against the sheep, or the bheasts? No, and this utter scum of a club are in the same category, and should be avoided at all costs. Whoever is responsible for arranging bounce games should either be taught more about our history or be more mindful of the concerns/interests of the support.

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