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[FT] Rangers 2 (Roofe 50, Kent 77) - 0 Kilmarnock

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It's concerning that we've spent big on Hagi and Kent but I'm still worried that we'll struggle to break teams down with Aribo missing.


Central defence isn't a worry at all - we have four good, fit players for those positions.


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As with every other game over the last year, I'll sit down to watch the game tomorrow hoping to see Tavernier deliver something like his form of the season before last. He was such a big part of our (albeit limited) success and to have that same contribution back today would be a major boost. However, I now suspect the player who slotted home penalties for fun and rampaged through defences has lost his mojo and it may be gone for good. In that deflated context he remains a very inappropriate choice of captain.

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IMHO, it is more about tactics than the odd individual player. And has been for quite some time.


I reckon Killie will be similar to St. Johnstone, defending deep but having a couple or more waiting for the counter. As I cannot see us going without either of the fullbacks, you would hope that the JacKamara becomes a Jack or Kamara and we play Itten and or Roofe from the start alongside Morelos, who also looks somewhat undroppable.

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58 minutes ago, CammyF said:

Just my opinion, Killie are one opponent where we need both Jack and Kamara. They have a strong midfield.

Agreed.  As much as I dislike them, Power and Dicker are a decent combo in there - and if they are using Brophy up top then they have pace, makes it all the more important to have Jack and Kamara whereby one of them can drop off to assist the CB's and squeeze the space for Brophy.  We need to combat their presence in CM.

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