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9 minutes ago, ChelseaBoy said:

Wow, the Democrats must be shockingly short of credible candidates. 

I can't understand it.


Given the widespread determination to remove Trump I imagined they would select a decent candidate.  Doesn't need to be anyone spectacular but just someone who can express a complete sentence on demand.


Instead I'm left in the rather odd position of finding that there is an even worse candidate than Clinton.

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1 minute ago, ranger_syntax said:

I can't understand it

Perhaps the KGB defector's comments about demoralisation come into play.


I do find it amusing that so many US (and external) celebrities are constantly telling Americans how important it is to vote, when the choice is either a large-scale troll or a senile diddy.

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He definitely has cognitive impairment.


That’s now.... imagine how much worse it would be in his third year of office.


Trump is many things but there’s a very good reason why Pelosi told Biden not to debate Trump.  Trump would have Biden crying if they debated pre-election.... would remind me of the mistake made by the GOP in allowing Nixon to debate JFK.

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I suspect it's a cunning plan by the Democrats get old Joe elected he doesn't have much life in him so when he turns his toes up America will have their first female president and another black one the lefties and liberals will be doing cartwheels. 

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But but but ..... Trump.


No wonder @JFK-1 can't find any words to recommend Biden - other than "But but but .... Trump".


If Biden is the end-product of Trump Derangement Syndrome, if Biden is the final distillation of four years of socialist America's ranting and whining, if Biden is the left’s idea of honest leadership and competence, then God help America if Trump loses.

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