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Hoping to rush in digital IDs...




Why is Tony Blair given a platform to speak on anything?  The man had a hand in centralising British politics to the point where there's little between the main parties.  He took Britain into an illegal war, where many British soldiers and civilians of various nationalities have been needlessly killed.  He opposed the democratic will of the British electorate over Brexit.  


He is a disease.


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15 hours ago, RANGERRAB said:

Tony Blair will be remembered for many things.

One of them was over-estimating the UK’s support for the EU 

Yep, another for being Bush's poodle and lying over the veracity of the WMD dossier that led to thousands of deaths.

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7 hours ago, alexscottislegend said:

Keir Starmer is being fashioned by the establishment in Blair's image. A 'safe pair of hands' to call upon when the electorate becomes disenchanted with the multiple incompetences being delivered by the likes of Johnson, Hancock and Williamson.

Only if Starmer has policies people will want to vote for. At present I don’t know of any.

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The quality of British politicians has decreased considerably in the past 25 years.  


Normally, with politicians, I assume they started out with good intentions.  I don't give Blair that benefit of the doubt though - I'm sure he is evil through and through (as is his horrifying missus).

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