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Premier League 2020/21

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18 hours ago, compo said:

Could Spurs win the title they have a manager who's made a habit of wining titles 

I wouldn’t mind if they did. Can Mourinho keep it going? Can the team survive a couple of setbacks? 

Can City avoid the drop?

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Back to the bread and butter football 

Palace 1 Newcastle 1


BHA 1 liverpool 2

City 5 Burnley 0

Toffees 2 Leeds 2

WBA 1 Sheffield 1


Southampton 2 United 2

Chelsea 2 Spurs 2

Arsenal 1 Wolves 2


Leicester 3 Fulham 1

Hammers 2 Villa 1

May the good lord look down kindly as I will be having a wager on these games 

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Fortunately for Turf Accountants, the Lord doesn’t favour gambling. Nor indeed do I but if I did, here are the weekend’s surefire bankers.


Palace 2-1 Newcastle


BHA 2-1 Liverpool

City 1-2 Burnley

Everton 2-0 Leeds

Baggies 1-2 Blades


So’ton 1-3 United

Chelsea 1-2 ‘Spurs 

Gunners 2-0 Wolves


Leicester 3-0 Fulham

Hammers 2-0 Villa

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Crystal Palace annoy me. 


Crystal Palace are one of those clubs that always show me up. Whenever I want them to lose, they win; whenever I want them to win, they lose. 


They get a lot of plaudits for taking points of better teams, but then... lose to Newcastle?!



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