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Premier League 2020/21

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Evertonians will be disgruntled with failure to beat relegation candidates at home. Three points would have seen them level with Liverpool.


The night:

Burnley 2-0 Fulham

Everton 0-2 City

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On 16/02/2021 at 14:23, compo said:


Toffees 1 City 3

A correct score - well done sir.


However I got a double result correct ?


But thats the title done. 10 points clear and they are getting stronger and stronger.

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4 hours ago, Gribz said:

However I got a double result correct

Scourge of the bookies at the moment, old bean.


City’s title now, right enough. Tremendous run after an erratic start.

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Time to give the elders some advice...


Wolves 2-1 Leeds


Southampton 2-2 Chelsea

Burnley 2-0 West Brom

Liverpool 2-0 Everton

Fulham 2-0 Sheff Utd


West Ham 1-1 Tottenham

Aston Villa 1-2 Leicester

Arsenal 0-3 Man City

Man Utd 2-0 Newcastle


Brighton 1-0 Crystal Palace


Leeds 2-2 Southampton

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Its make or break time for some clubs this is the time when we get some shock results 

Wolves 3 Leeds 3


Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

Burnley 0 WBA 3

Liverpool 1 Toffees 2

Fulham 0 Sheffield 3


Hammers 2 Spurs 2

Villa 2 Leicester 0

Gunners 0 City 5

United 1 Magpies 2

Brighton 0 Palace 2


Leeds 3 Southampton 2





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Wolves 1-2 Leeds


So’ton  0-2 Chelsea

Burnley 2-0 Throstles

Liverpool 2-2 Everton

Fulham 2-0 Blades


Hammers 1-2 ‘Spurs

Villa 0-2 Leicester

Gunners 0-2 City

United 3-0 Mags


Brighton 1-0 Palace

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1 hour ago, compo said:

Since the toffees last beat the scouser at Anfield there has been six star wars movies released, 

Not a lot of people know that 

Haha. A few Bond movies also.


A total coupon buster. What has gone wrong at Anfield.

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