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[FT] Hibernian 2 - 2 Rangers (Morelos 45+1; Arfield 57)

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Some if the reaction , not so much on here , but the other two main forums , is absolutely mental .


The Scottish league is notoriously difficult to win. , there are only two teams capable of doing it , and every single point dropped is treated like a death in the family by some , there is simply far too much football to be played yet and there will be players coming in and others leaving , let’s see where we are around Xmas , however the next 3 games are massive .

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12 minutes ago, weebluedevil said:

Sorry mate, but if we have to hope for others to do us a favor this early in the season we may as we’ll forget it. The problem for us, has always been the inability to find the winner at the end, whilst they do just fine in that regard. 
If we cannot string more than 3 wins together we will never win the title. 

You almost always need other teams to do you favours over the course of a season. We are 1 point clear, unbeaten in the league, and in theory, the destination of the league title is still firmly in our own hands. 


However, like in most season, we'll drop more points over the course of the season, and (hopefully) so will  Celtic. 


The frustration today for me is if we played anywhere near of top form, we beat Hibs easily and if the officials did their jobs, we would be walking away with 3 points.


Our board told is months ago that the status quo in the Scottish game could not and would not remain. They were correct, it hasnt stayed the same, it's gotten worse and is so blatant now and we are scared to call it out for some reason after being so vocal. 

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