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[FT] Willem II 0 - 4 Rangers (Tavernier 22 pen; Kent 25; Helander 55; Goldson 71)

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  • Rousseau changed the title to Willem II vs Rangers

What the managers have said,



"Willem II are a good team. We know the level is going to increase dramatically from Thursday night, with all due respect (to Red Imps). They have exciting attacking players, they play with a striker who is quite physical called Pavlidis who is a goalscorer, a good player. So we know the level of the competition is going to get tougher. That's always been the case in the previous two years and we expect that when we face Willem next week. But it's a game that we are looking forward to.”


Adrie Koster

"It's great that a legend like Steven Gerrard will come to our stadium. He has a much better track record as a footballer than I did, but that won't matter now. He will do exactly the same as me...prepare his team for a big football match. I don't know his coaching ability too well, but I know the way he gets his Rangers team to play. They look like a good team - they don't play a typically Scottish way because they play a lot of good football. We face a team who like to keep the ball. We will have to be prepared to face facts that they will have a lot of possession. They have a very good striker in Alfredo Morelos and their full-backs both get up and down the pitch and are very athletic. They play almost as attacking wingers. It's important that we continue to play our own game. My players know exactly what to expect from Rangers and we know where their strength lies. But I am sure Steven Gerrard must have told his players about us too. We have to use our advantage in that we have a familiar pitch and stadium. That should give us something extra. It's just a pity we won't have our own fans there."

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We've faced teams of a greater standing and perhaps quality and navigated the obstacle. Willem II is as much an unknown entity as the Danes were, Braga et al. Very hard to predict what will happen, not least in a one-off game. What I know is that if it ends tonight, I won't be screaming for anyone's head (unless he deserves it).


BTW, I noted that the CL play-off round is a two-legged affair, is that the case with the next game too?

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  • Frankie changed the title to [FT] Willem II 0 - 4 Rangers (Tavernier 22 pen; Kent 25; Helander 55; Goldson 71)

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