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Old Firm Should Help Out Scottish Football

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Em, pass.   


Such a stupid suggestion.  If working collegiately was the aim, why did we not finish last season?  


If sharing resources was the aim, why is Doncaster taking down £400k - how many tests would that pay for if he reduced his inflated salary?


If cash was going to be an issue where the governing bodies can't help out smaller clubs, why was there not more energy going into getting a league sponsor?  


Its hard not to have a really dystopian view of Scottish football as it eats itself to death


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Wait, Scum FC got essentially an automatic entry into the CL money-dreamland for half a decade (unless they messed it up), raking in tens of millions (including transfers) and all the mhedia did was hail their march to "10IAR". Whereas the rest of the Premiership spent about a pound and a half in transfer fees for the best part of the same era - combined!


It is for the administrative body to provide monetary help or solutions, a band of characters that is not even able to find sponsors worth their name - if any.


And while we are at it, even if Rangers or the Scum sponsor this or that enterprise to help the game, do you think that clubs will be able to pay it back within the next decade?


Maybe Ewan will remember (just lift the media carpet on it, dear lad) that Rangers' Blue Pounds helped all those clubs in the lower tiers much more than any initiative or sponsorship deal. (Which they repaid in kind during the voting process, as we have seen ... )

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