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Link should play at the bit where he is asked about stats. A wee bit surprised he wasn't a bit more positive about how we are doing in this area, but it is probably a sign of his knowledge and high standards that he isn't singing our praises at such an early stage in our development in this area.



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2 hours ago, ChelseaBoy said:

Well it was until VAR. Now you are never quite sure if a player is offside, a goal scored will be chalked off or a when is a hand ball - hand ball? The legislators are doing their best to ruin the spontaneity and emotion of the beautiful game.


The stats are take it or leave it, i look at some but usually come away from a game with memories of a particular bit of skill or fantastic goal or even a terrible mistake and i wouldn't necessarily dig into the stats other than the usual possession, corners, shots on target etc but appreciate they can be useful. 

I can see the argument for the spontaneity of the game, but I want the correct decisions. I still think there's a better balance to be had.


I don't think VAR is the issue. It's the rules that are the trouble. 


VAR gets most decisions right, IMO. In the moment you can't always see if the goal's offside or not, but with VAR you can. 


I always look at it from Rangers' perspective: if someone scores a goal against us, I would want the decision to be absolutely f*cking correct. Take the League Cup game against them: it was offside; it changes the game otherwise. If we had VAR in that game, it wouldn't have been given. Our Refs are incompetent, but they're not that incompetent (I think? :ninja: ). 


It has highlighted how some of the rules now need changed. The hand-ball rule is bonkers. That's not VAR, that's the rules themselves.

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Are there any stats to describe what tedious waste of time an international fortnight is? Because such is the density of boredom around international football that time itself seems to slow perceptibly. 

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Picked up from elsewhere. 

“Scotland’s 5 games before Jack played - won 1, Drew 0, Lost 4. Scored 7, Conceded 13. 

7 games jack played. Won 6, Drew 1, Lost 0. Scored 9, Conceded 4."

Rangers have shipped 3 goals this season, 2 v Hibs and 1 v Motherwell. Jack did not play in either of these games.”


I have have an inkling @Bill will like this one. 

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