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22 minutes ago, compo said:

Enlighten an older person what's this 6.2og stuff 

"The term xG in football is an abbreviation which stands for 'expected goals'. It is a statistical measurement of the quality of goalscoring chances and the likelihood of them being scored.


An xG measurement can be generated for both teams as a whole and individual players, giving an indication as to how well they should be performing in front of goal.


A number of factors are taken into account when calculating xG. They include: type of assist, whether it was a shot taken with the head or foot, the angle and distance of the shot, and whether it was a big chance.


The context of a scoring opportunity is precisely what informs its xG rating. A rebound falling to a player in front of an open goal six yards out will have a high xG score, but a shot taken from 35 yards at a narrow angle will have a low xG score.


If you see that chance is described as having an xG rating of 0.35 that means a player would be expected to score from the chance 35 per cent of the time - a one in three chance. If a chance is described as 0.5xG it should be scored 50% of the time and so on."




xG is the goals we'd expect to score going by the quality of the chances we've created. 


For our game against Hamilton, the quality of the chances, added up through the game, you would expect to see us score around 6 goals. So, we've actually scored more than that (8), meaning we've scored from more difficult chances. 


We all do it intuitively: we know know when a chance is a half-chance, or if a player should have done better. The xG gives us an actual number. 

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It is actually a pretty reliable stat to judge performance when xG conceded is taken into account. 

The stats guys are almost always proved right when they predict which teams are due a turnaround in form and will climb the table soon, or the opposite. St Johnstone are a good example of this, they had a terrible start to the season and we were at the foot of the table, but their net xG suggested they were wasting good chances a bit unlucky in terms of the goals they had conceded. 

They’ve now started to climb the table after finally getting a reward for their performance. 

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A Celtic supporter, but an interesting account to follow as he is very honest and very critical of the regime. Always has loads of stats to support his case. The 4-1 scoreline seemingly flattered them a bit and was due to how poor Mortherwell are. 

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